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Tips preparing or headshots

Are you in need of some tips preparing for headshots? I see so many actors with headshot baggage come in for their new updated shot. So, I hope I can offer a little support to help you on the way to headshot baggage freedom!

Here are some of my pro tips preparing for headshots.

Headshots are used by business owners who want to connect with their audience. They are also used for helping to create an online identity or by actors and models to help find work in the entertainment industry via their theatrical agents their spotlight actors profile. Authors use headshots on their books and on their websites.  For some people, getting your picture taken is stressful. I completely understand the pressure that can come with portraits, and specifically, actors headshots. This is why I want to help you make the most of the experience.

To have a successful photography shoot, you need to be comfortable and confident. It begins with choosing a Pro photographer you can trust and it ends with showing up for your shoot prepared and feeling confident. Let’s explore how to make this happen with some tips preparing for headshots

Trusting Your Photographer

One of the most important things you can do at a photo shoot is trusting your photographer. They are in the business of making people look good. No photographer is going to try to take a bad picture of you. Professionals have been trained in such things as lighting, camera angles and positioning.  If you worry you are not photogenic or that you always take bad home photos, keep in mind that it is different with professional portraits and allow yourself to trust your photographer to make you look fantastic.

A photographer with his own studio space

I think it’s important to feel confident and relaxed in a friendly environment. You don’t want to be shooting in the park, or wondering about on some industrial estate late at night trying to find the right unit. If a photographer is hiring a space then your session will be cut down for sure – as the next photographer will be eagerly waiting to start his session. I shoot from my own private London studio and gardens. So. If you are a bit late, it’s not going to be a mad crazy rush.

vincenzo tips for preparing for headshotsHaving the Right Attitude

Next, you need to understand the importance of having the right attitude. You should come in for your photo shoot feeling like a movie star on IMDB. You should wear clothes you feel good in and be happy with your hair (and makeup, if you wear it). But most of all, you should feel good about who you are. Relax and don’t be afraid to speak up about what makes you comfortable or how you feel you look the best.  Have a favourite “side”? Tell your photographer so he or she can adjust angles accordingly. You also want to spend some time talking with your photographer, loosening up and getting comfortable. This is Tip for prepping headshots  a lot easier.

Tips preparing for headshots

tips for preparing for your headshots would be to drink lots of water

Now, with these things out the way, we know that everyone wants to look their best on the big day. There are some things you can physically do to help your headshot be the best possible. Drink a lot of water and try to get proper sleep the night before. If your face (or skin around your eyes) looks puffy, you can put some ice on a paper towel and gently dab it around the puffy parts before you take your pictures.  Don’t drink a lot of alcohol or smoke excessively before your photos. Prepare for your photo shoot by practising.

You can practice in front of a mirror or with a camera. Practice different poses and smiles until you find what you like best and feel most comfortable with. This practice will make it easier for you to get the perfect look on the day of your photo shoot.  Now that you have chosen the right photographer and prepared yourself mentally and physically for the event, all that is left is to book your appointment and show up.  Are you ready for some great professional actor headshots?

Feel free to contact me for a quick informal chat prior to booking your headshot slot and check out my other post on Tip for prepping headshots