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Self-tape power

I can give you self-tape power! A self-tape session is an excellent opportunity to be in the mix for a casting session, wherever you are in the world. I have had actors self-tapping for roles in the USA while working on productions in London. Commercials, televisions and even theatre producers are sending clients to me to be self-tapped for the next big thing!

It’s your self-tape session

It’s your self-tape session, but I am here in advance to help guide you through the traps and skills that you will need to make it a success. From the read through to the last download that you need to get to the next round. Some cast from the self-tape directly where some may call you in for a meeting with the director. My job is to give you helpful tips and read with you without being a distraction!

Self-Tape still of actress

Why you should embrace the self-tape

I hear a lot and, I mean one hell of a lot of actors disliking the self-tape. It’s simple, ten or more actors might be in the mix, and it’s your chance to make sure you remain in the mix. Ok, we know it’s a cost-saver for the casting people, but it has more positives than anything else for the actor.

Self-tape selector

You and your agent can be the self-tape selector for your takes. An agent can go over the takes and send the scenes that you want the casting department to see. What a luxury! When at a casting, did you ever get to see the three or four takes that you mumbled over? No! I doubt it! Try asking and see what reaction you get from the busy assistant!

More self-tape time

If you feel you need a few more hours or even a day to get the audition self-tape out, then ask. After all, it’s only a tape and if you are busy working on another gig, ask! A lot of self-tape studios like mine are working, and it means sometimes you have to wait a little longer than you’d like. But ask to go in for a meeting a whole 24 hours later, that would be asking too much! But self-tapes are fantastic for this reason!

Self-tape wardrobe

When asked about the character’s wardrobe. Only a suggestion of the character’s clothing should be evident! If your casting for a policeman then wearing a denim jacket and a t-shirt is may not the best items to wear. So, use the idea of suggestion. Colours are important. If it’s a period piece from the 1930s, then figure out what colours are best for that era.

man smoking during self tape

Props and smoking!

No! No no! Would you smoke during the casting? Would you take out a bow and arrow and shoot across the director’s desk? Really!
Look, some small props like a phone that is in your pocket or a pen or a book are always useable props. But be a sensible actor. Don’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. Self-tapes are unfinished rehearsals for the casting folk to get a feel for you and what you can bring as a character. It’s not about how many props you have.

“My agent thought they looked great. The best self-tapes”

Matt Willis @ Jonathun Arun

Please feel free to check out my actor’s self-tapes services page and self-tape reviews and get in touch if you feel I can help you.