a pro self tape camera

Self-tape emergency

Are you in “self-tape emergency” mode ? I get calls everyday from actors in a panic. I know a ton of actors that have had an emergency request from their agent at “silly o’clock”. It happens all the time. Not the best situation for any actor especially if you are juggling work and a family!

London self-tape studio

My awesome self-tape studio is in London. The forward thinking actor that manages to book a self-tape slot can sigh with relief and enjoy the filming experience knowing the tape will be handed in on time.

Pro self tapping

Professional self tapping  will get you the best quality results for the casting office. Sure, you can use your fancy new iPhone but – you will have no sound quality control, and definitely zero lighting control.

Pro self-tape studio

The pro self-tape studio is kitted out with sound panels, constant lighting, a pro camera and lenses and a separate sound recording system. consequently giving you the best self-tape quality and easing the self tapping emergency stress! GAME ON!

Self-tape fees

Self tape fees are priced £50 per hour. Please get in touch for more info and send your casting sides in the contact page form area if you want a pro reader for your slot.

Self-tape examples

Please check out some of my self-tape examples on the self tape review pages. As a matter of fact what it is you require first of all? A good reader? Good quality sound, A nice relaxed studio space? Maybe all of the above!

Self-tape emergency slot

If you are wanting a self-tape emergency slot, please send me a whatsApp message and I shall get back to you with the best option of booking the slot. If i cannot help then here are a few tips to guide you for your own home taping session.

What not to do in a self tape?

  1. Shooting vertically.
  2. Standing too far away.
  3. The full-body pan.
  4. A distracting background.
  5. Poor lighting and bad sound.
  6. Using a bad reader.
  7. Not dressing appropriately.
  8. Shouting to express emotion.