self-tape audio prep
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Self-tape audition prep

The self-tape audition prep is key and needs to be done before actors commence shooting the audition scene. The first thing most actors want to do is learn the sides. Firstly, concentrate on reading the script in full (if available) – and make notes on characters before learning any dialogue. Get a feel for the directors work on IMDB if possible.

Agents Tagmin

Ok, so you have said “yes” to your theatrical agents Tagmin request and only have you have a couple of days or so to get organised and get the script recorded, whilst at the same time searching for the best self-tape person to guide you. Then what?

Self-tape audition prep master

Once we have booked your self-tape slot we can go over the casting brief with you and have a look at the sides and make sure that we are both self-tape audion prep ready and prepared to record the scene. There are always “traps” in scripts that need to be addressed. If your character is smoking for instance, will you be smoking ? No! There will be many “traps” like kissing and using guns, but we shall look at those “traps” later on.

Vincenzo is great fun a lights the shots beautifully you are at your most relaxed and looking your most beaut! Thanks Vincenzo! Love your work!

– Michael Xavier

Script prep

Actors tend to learn the script before doing any prep work but from my experience, it is more to do with character and interpretation. It’s not a memory test. Having said that, the more familiar your are with the script the better your going to be once recording. My advice would be, try and prep as if this was a meeting with the casting director.

Self tape v’s face-to-face

Self-taping should not be an automatic substitute for face-to-face casting. However, it is becoming a more widespread technique and it can provide the opportunity to widen access to the casting process. Therefore, with the right amount of self-tape audition prep your hit rate will be much better.

Your self-tape wardrobe and props

The temptation to go over the top should be avoided. If the scene is casting a Merchant Banker then don’t shoot in a V-neck t-shirt. Be sensible! Give the director a flavour. Do not smoke even if it say so in the script. It’s a feeling that needs to be conveyed! Maybe, A sigh of relief instead!

Kiss me quick

Kissing is another “trap”. Remember, it’s a feeling only that need to be communicated. How does your character feel when he or she is being kissed? Did you want the kiss? Did you expect it? At the casting would you lean over and kiss the film director? Really? Ok, do that and let me know how it goes!