Retouching Headshots

Subtle Retouching

On Actors Headshots

Retouching headshots is important but it should be done subtly. Don’t over do the retouching. Get a professional to do it. Ideally, your own headshot photographer.

Retouching work on headshots such as spots, pimples and stray hair needs to be taken out. Colour might need adjusting and the photograph can be cropped to a 10×8 ratio.

Before your actors headshots gets delivered to you and your agent- it has to have some form of work done. But I have to stress it should be only SUBTLE retouching work. 

Adobe Photoshop Retouching

Adobe Photoshop is a skill and it has a massive learning curve. On average, the typical beginner can take six months to learn Photoshop tasks. Of course, this doesn’t mean they have an intricate understanding of every single tool or advanced technique. It does mean that they should be able to independently navigate the interface to complete edits and create graphics successfully.

Headshot Retouching

Here’s how you can work with me.

Let me do the retouching work for you. We don’t want to risk annoying your agent and the casting director with an over-glamourised headshot. When you walk into the room or before they invite you to self-tape you what your brand to be correct.


Photo of Jess Milliott

Your headshot brand is important. You need to figure out what your brand is. Do you know what your brand is?


headshot retouching naturally
A natural retouch landscape headshot done in a subtle fashion.

My style of actors headshot is natural, authentic and real. I like to capture you on a good day.