Actors Retcohing

Retouching actors headshots

Retouching actors Headshots headshots is a must. However it is always best to keep the actors headshot retouching simple. Spots, blemishes and earring holes and stray hairs will be the first to go. Easy! Providing you have done a white colour balance. I like to get this right in-camera as much as possible.

Colour balance

Your headshot photographer should colour balance before the headshot session and again if any lighting state changes. Say you go indoors from an outdoors session. The light will be very different in kelvin (Colour temperature) so get it balanced with a grey colour card.

Model retouching

Now if you are a fashion model or a sports model, then it’s a whole different style of retouching. The fashion house may think the model’s clothes may be too baggy, and they may want a tighter fit, backgrounds can be changed, and the model may want to lose a few cm’s. In terms of fashion modelling, it’s ok to go that extra mile with retouching.

High-end retouching

Now I don’t always have the time to high-end retouch. After a model location fashion or spots shoot, I like to pass that part over to someone else—someone who loves to high-end retouch and will do a fab job. But if you want to know how its done the check out the link here on removing object from glasses.

Glass reflections

Reflections from actors glasses can be a photographers nightmare. If you look carefully at the image, the glasses pick up a slight reflection from the lighting. In all honesty, this work requires a lot of patience. But the retouching is required. It’s subtle and well worth doing.

Please feel free to check out my Tips preparing for headshots and what to wear in headshots page and do get in touch if you feel I can help you.