actor rejection

How to rise above rejection in the acting industry

How does any actor handle rejection in the acting Industry?  The feeling of being turned away instils an opinion of inadequateness in the actor’s mind, especially in the mind of an actor who would more often than not be a very sensitive person, as the profession demands.

actor rejection

Rejection and the usual ways actors deal with it

An actor may be different from the plethora of others who get rejected on a daily basis, however, chances are that their methods of coping with the rejection will be the same. Feelings of dejections, glum phases and even physical tantrums can erupt as a result of being rejected, on an actor’s part.

List of help

This calls for a list of ways by which you should handle the rejection while still maintaining integrity as an actor as well as a person.

Stay professional no matter what

Professionalism is king in the profession of acting, and certainly when you are beginning the career and desperately need auditions as well as gigs. This is because professionalism puts forth an impression of talent laced with a dose of knowledge about how things work in the entertainment industry.

Don’t contest the director’s decision

The director and producer is the one calling the shots, literally. Contesting their decision, and openly calling them out on the audition floor will not only cement a negative impression of your with them, but they might never again cast in you in their production.

Make it your motivation

There is nothing quite as effective as a rejection to motivate you to next time if only you can channel it in that manner.

Have a good actor Spotlight headshot

Headshots are what land you the audition, which is reason enough to have a professionally taken headshot when auditioning. Equally, important is the actor’s CV profile on  Spotlight and a showreel.

WeRehearse app,
The WeRehearse app is a great pre-audition tool

Prepare your audition sides

The more prepared you are with the audition script, the more confident you will feel. The casting office may only give you 8 hours notice to get the dialogue ready.

Acting competition

Don’t delay, get in the mindset of your acting competition. You could call a friend to go over the piece to help you learn the script.

We Rehearse

A great tool is the We Rehearse App. Check out the interview with the creators of the App – it’s a great idea prior to the big casting day. Be prepared and you will rise above rejection in the acting industry!

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