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What to wear in Headshots

headshots clothes such as a men Henley t shirt

What to wear in headshots is always a taking point.  Clothing is a big talking point when it comes to actors headshots. One of the questions that I’m asked constantly is ‘what should I wear for my headshot session?’ Well, there are so many clothing choices available.  So, what makes a good headshot when it comes to clothing and what should you be taking to your photo session to wear?

Well, first of all, what are you using your headshots for? Are they LinkedIn headshots, commercial headshots or actor headshots. Whichever it is,  you’ll need to think about the context of what the headshot will be used for. 

Top tips for what to wear for your headshots 

1: Solid. No matter what,  a solid colour will usually work best for your headshots. Colours like dark reds, blues, plumb, dark greys and purples work well. The obvious colour is black which frames the face beautifully.  

The difference between a patterned shirt and a dark one is obvious. The solid colour is less distracting than the striped one. Of course, some patterns can work, but be mindful when it’s your face that the viewer (the casting director) is interested in. Patterns like plaid work well with a layer on top, Say a black coat or jacket. Greens are great! But all this depends on your colour skin type. Henley tops work well for men and help add variety. 

2: Not too bright. Sometimes colours that are really bright can be a big distraction for the viewer. Stay for example a white shirt. Make sure you have a darker layer over the top of the white to balance the image out. Leather jackets work very well in actors headshots photos.

3: Sleeves. Please don’t forget these! Sometimes bear arms can pull focus away from the eyes in a headshot, and spaghetti straps too can be a little awkward as it can sometimes (not always) look like you’re not wearing much in the shot.

4: Be comfy. It’s important to be comfortable and LOVE what you are wearing in your headshots. One of the worst things I hear from actors is ‘I’ve bought this for my headshots, but I don’t really like it’.

No, no no! That is so negative! All I can say is eBay that bad shirt ASAP! You really should L_O_V_E what you’ve bought for your headshot session. Not easy I know, but try it!

5: Tighter fitting tops.  As a rule of thumb tighter fitting than really baggy will look better. The casting director wants to see your shape. not your duvet size! 

6:  Necklines. Different necklines are great. Bring different types. For example, V necks and Henley or Polo shirts and even a more formal shirt will be a great addition. 

plaid headshots can work well if used with other layers

Good and bad clothing necklines

Good necklines

Jewel, Boat, Crew, Peter Pan, Collared, V Neck, Henley tops

Could work

Cowl, Turtle, Halter, Keyhole

Not recommended

Scoop, Bow, Sweetheart, Empire/square, Asymmetrical tops

Headshot clothing rules

Headshot clothing rules can be broken. But a good starting place is to bring what you like wearing. (I would rather have too many choices than not enough). As I mentioned previously, please don’t bring items for your headshots that you don’t like or that have seen better days.

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