Headshot tips

1st July 2019

Here are some essential headshot tips for actors that tend to come up in drama school workshops that I’ve ran about actors CV’s and headshots. I think they are definately worth a mention. Some of the headshot tips are really obvious. It’s odd that some actors don’t always take note!

Actors headshots, Vincenzo Photography
1. Look like your headshot. This is not a time to be the next top model. You need to give casting directors and and agents and employers an accurate version of yourself.

2. Bags of Personality!  Many actors may have a similar look to you – (do you keep seeing the same actor in your casting?) it’s your personality that makes you special.

3. Keep your clothing simple. Avoid patterns and prints. Checked shirts are a no-no. Simple clothing helps the viewer see YOU. Clean is best.

4. Spark the viewer’s imagination. Don’t dress like teacher or a policeman. You want the casting director to be able to imagine you as many different characters from one headshot

5. Chill on the makeup ! You want to look your very best for your headshot, but that does NOT mean lots of make up.  Casting director like the natural look when it comes to actors 10×8’s. When you go to an audition or meet an agent you need to alk in the door looking as close to your 10×8 photo as possible

6. Don’t show a lot of skin! Ladies, this means no excess cleavage. Gents, keep your shirts on. Casting directors want to see you… but not that much of you!

7. What kind of work you are trying to get? Do you want to do television, theatre, film, or even commercial work? All of them?

8. It’s all about the eyes. Of course your smile is important, too, but the eyes can make or break your picture. Your eyes give you the opportunity to show the layers in your personality. Rather than thinking about the viewer looking at your picture, think about you looking at the viewer.

9. Face shot or ¾ shots. ¾ shots are useful to show a casting director your body type. This can be good if you are looking to do commercial work modelling etc. But be careful, though. In a ¾ shot, your eyes can get lost.

10. Last minute.com actor? Don’t leave booking a headshot session till the very last minute if you have a Spotlight directory or casting deadline.  You need time to select and prep images.

11. Did I mention PERSONALITY? Be yourself and show what makes YOU unique. A headshot is you on a good day! Your not a model, your an actor looking for acting work.

And finally…

Make the most of your photo shoot! Is an hour headshot session really enough? No its not. Actors need time to relax and gain confidence. Choose a headshot photographer that will give you complete confidence and encouragement during your photo shoot.  One of my My Top headshot tips is Make sure you speak to your photographer before booking.

 “I loved the pictures Vincenzo. I never thought I would say that considering how awkward I feel having my picture taken. You made the whole day very relaxed and fun. Thanks again”  

” Hi Vincenzo. Everyone likes the pics and keeps asking who did them” 

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