What makes a good headshot?

2nd April 2019

So, What makes a good headshot? Many things, but remember that your 10×8 headshot has to be good and it is your chance to make a great first impression.

A good headshot captures your personality, beauty, character, and has your confidence radiate through the Image. 
It must represent YOU!!!… Your spirit, your quirks, flaws, and features.
 The point of a headshot is not to capture the prettiest shot of you.
 It must capture what it is that makes you different from the rest.

Knowing your Casting Type

As an actor, you must be realistic with yourself. Are you a leading man? Funny friend? Quirky dude?  What roles out there are you right for. Do your homework, and talk to your agent. They may think you are one thing and you may think you are another.
 It is important to find out their needs with your shots as well as yours.

What to prepare for your shoot

First, your confidence and a great attitude! The best headshots are always the ones of actors who are rested, prepared, and know who they are. Be ready to play!  Clothes, makeup, hair, and the “look” are all important but your personality is what we want to radiate in your headshot. The goal is to get you a headshot that jumps off the page and has the casting director wanting to meet you, and then having you represent that headshot when you walk in the audition. There is nothing a casting director hates more than calling someone in off their headshot and having that actor walk in and look nothing like it!

A Good headshot

There are many good headshot photographers here in London. The most important way of finding one is via recommendation from a friend

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