How to write an actor’s CV

17th January 2020

An actor or actresses CV or resume (if in the US) is going to look utterly different from which one might use to gain “regular work.” The actor’s CV is the one thing apart from the actor’s headshot that casting and agents use during the casting process. It is part of the actor’s tools to help the casting director and producers understand your brand and the skills that you have to offer.

Actors CV profile page

The actor’s Spotlight CV profile does a lot of this work for you, and you add productions, dates, roles played along with the directors and companies listed. It’s a simple system to use that the Spotlight directory has given actors to use for casting suggestions.

The Actors CV page

When sending out letters and cv that are for acting jobs; there is a format that should be used as it will land on the desk of an agent, or casting office along with that essential 10×8 headshot.

One page A4 CV

Keep is simple, ideally on one A4 page! Names at the top are the best way, and other vital skills, accents, and singing rage and all the skills such as driving ability, and musical knowledge will give the casting director clues about you. A list of productions with roles played and a director and production company attached. I recommend using an excellent conquer paper, not the usual photocopy version.

Start with a name

Your full name at the top in the middle. Don’t overdo this but you do want them to glance at the stage name and take notice, right? Sure, you do!
You can list productions so make a start with the most relevant such as Theatre, Film, Radio, Commercials, Video Games, and so on. If you have just left drama school, then start with “Drama School productions”.

Skills, accents, and abilities

These are so important. Make sure that if you list all the American dialects, then you better be sure you can do them! If you can motorcycle or drive a car, then give them the full clean license bit. But, if you have points, then they will find out. Honesty is best! If you can horse ride then great! But if the horse smells fear, good luck with that on your filming day!

Headshots and CV’s

A great-looking actors headshot looks best finished in matt. Why? Well, the light in offices are usually a mess, and the photo paper can catch the overhead lighting. Far better in the matt than gloss finish any day! Attach your new CV to the headshot photo, and you are ready to go!

Spotlight heactors headshot for spotlight
Sample of Actors Headshot By Vincenzo Photography

A simple actors CV

I know it’s tough to have lots of productions that you want to list on the CV. Equally, it can be a nightmare trying to find things that you feel are worthy of the acting CV from drama school. Keeping this to a one-sided CV will look better. Casting directors and agents don’t have time, and it doesn’t look immaculate to flip pages. Best try and keep it simple and make an instant impression.

Sample CV for actors

an actors CV and headshot sample to go along with the actors CV
Actors CV Sample Copyright Vincenzo Photography

The actor’s CV and headshot are important tools for any actor. If you need more help and guidance the please get in touch.