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self-tape power

Self-tape power

I can give you self-tape power! A self-tape session is an excellent opportunity to be in the mix for a casting session, wherever you are in the world. I have had actors self-tapping for roles in the USA while working on productions in London. Commercials, televisions and even theatre producers are sending clients to me…

self-tape with actors recording

Self-tape audition help

The acting world appears to have gone self-tape audition mad. I’m here to offer a bit of self-tape audition help.

clothes shopping

Tips preparing or headshots

Are you in need of some tips preparing for headshots? I see so many actors with headshot baggage come in for their new updated shot. So, I hope I can offer a…

self tape tip

self-tape tip

Self tape tip for actors My TOP self-tape tip is to ditch the awful ring light. Ring lights are used in the medical profession to photo corpses not an actors casting self…

a pro self tape camera

Self-tape emergency

Are you in “self-tape emergency” mode ? I get calls everyday from actors in a panic. I know a ton of actors that have had an emergency request from their agent at…

self-tape audio prep

Self-tape audition prep

The self-tape audition prep is key and needs to be done before actors commence shooting the audition scene. The first thing most actors want to do is learn the sides. Firstly, concentrate…

Actors Retcohing

Retouching actors headshots

Retouching actors Headshots headshots is a must. However it is always best to keep the actors headshot retouching simple. Spots, blemishes and earring holes and stray hairs will be the first to…