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My actors headshots portfolio include BAFTA Winners and Lawrence Olivier Award-Winners. I’ve been lucky to have photographed some amazing talent over the last thirteen years. My client headshot portfolio includes Ken Stott, Jessie Buckley, Paul Nicholas and Hayley Atwell.

The Jobbing actor

So, whether you are a leading actor, a jobbing actor, or a drama student, or an award-winning actor, I aim to produce the best actress or actors headshots for you and your agent.

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What Are Actor Headshots?


Your headshot portrait is your calling card. Your photograph should be current and up to date. And more importantly it should look like you!

Victoria Burnett

Headshots are simply an actor’s photo but they are absolutely required when looking for work as an actor.

Acting headshots focus on showcasing the subject’s facial features, emotional range, and ability to nail one certain expression in their photos.

A great headshot can help an aspiring actor or actress stand out from a crowd on the Actors Spotlight Directory and other applications for an audition.


What to wear in headshots

Don’t make it complicated

Mid-tone range of colour work best

  • Choose colours that fall in the mid-tone to jewel tone colour range and avoid pastels and neons. The best colours to wear for headshots are the colours that lie in the mid-tone area of the colour spectrum, or the muted or dark tones. Black is especially useful.


Why you need headshots

the headshot plot

Headshots are meant to show what people look like before meeting in-person (especially nowadays since so much is done online). Casting photographs for your agent or manager are an essential tool.

Casting submissions

Acting web sites


Keep your Photographs up to date

Fast forward

Keeping your acting photographs up to date is so important. We all change! Ideally you should re shoot if you change dramatically. So why not change your headshots?

I advice getting new pics every 18 months, but as that can be a strain on an acting budget, at least make sure they change with your look. It’s mega important to have photos that look current, that reflect your hairstyle, your age, your type and any significant changes in your body!




Any questions?

Whatever your questions, we love to help. From a simple query to booking actor headshots, we will hopefully have the answers. 

Simply call us on 07962338289 – Vincenzo, Jaimie or Dani are always happy to chat. Alternatively, ping over an email and we will get back to you ASAP. 

If you are looking for a self-tape slot then please WhatApp me on 07962338289 so I can try and find the perfect recoding slot.

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