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The Actors Centre, why join as an actor

The Actors Centre is the UK’s leading organisation which supports actors throughout their careers. They are the constant in an unpredictable industry.

Actors Centre, London

The Actors Centre; with a building in central London, means performers can come develop skills and meet other actors.

The Actors Centre in Tower street, London Why Should Join The Actors Centre

Acting, as a profession, is rife with all manner of excitement, uncertainty, professional turbulence, and a hefty amount of struggle. This is especially true when an actor can either become an overnight sensation or suffer the worst in the way of rejections.

Acting Support

Offering a support system within the industry that can not only provide a firm base for the actor to lean back on whenever they feel the need for it but also provide a forum and training establishment, where they can polish their skills and improve as an artist.

Reasons why you should join The Actors Centre

The Actors Centre can prove to be extremely beneficial following is a list of reasons why you should join.

A warm, welcoming and familiar environment for actors

Any actor, no matter how seasoned they are, need a safe and familiar place where they can feel at home. This is doubly true for the new actor in the industry. The Actors Centre can provide a sense of familiarity and solidarity for the new actor as well as the professional.

Actors Centre success The Actors Centre and an opportunity to improve acting skills

Numerous workshops and classes held at The Actors Centre, all year round. Actors can come attend any of the classes to improve their stage skills and become more well-rounded than ever.

Plenty of like-minded individuals

For actors, as performing artists, it is often difficult to find like-minded people to talk to and spend time with. The Actors Centre, you can connect with other performers. This is one of the benefits of joining The Centre since a safe space filled with like-minded folk is often a major necessity for an actor.

What the actor’s centre offer

A Central London venue is offered. Professional high calibre, diverse and challenging workshops and masterclasses led by distinguished practitioners.


Opportunities for the public to engage in performance and acting through our introductory workshops, theatre programme and related events.

Finally, performers can join The Actors Centre and experience a friendly, artistic environment as an actor. 

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