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The Importance of a Great Headshot

One of the most important aspects of your headshot is that it must look like you. The biggest mistake many actors make is going to a photographer who will over-glamorize or misrepresent them. If you do not send out a photograph that faithfully represents you (on your best day of course), agents and casting directors will be misled and ultimately frustrated.

What Makes My Headshots so Special?

I approach each person as an individual and we’ll spend time talking about what you want (even if you only have a general feeling) before we shoot. it is my goal to present you with so many great photographs that you have a hard time choosing! I shoot in portrait and landscape for the American Market. As actor ken stott says, “Vincenzo’s portraiture combines the highest of technical standards with an actor’s intuition to reveal the spirit of his subject[s]”.

You’ll be Spoilt for Choice!

After your photo session I’ll put all of your pictures on your private page of the client area on my website for your review. You’ll have a great selection of images to choose from – as  Zara Turner at Curtis Brown said, “Frankly I blame you for giving me so many good shots!”

Not a Headshot Factory

I work with a maximum of three clients per day, so my sessions are never rushed. I know there’s nothing worse than feeling like a number at the end of a conveyor belt. Since all of my sessions include over two hours, we are able to shoot with studio light in my London studio and natural light (when available), while trying a number of different looks to get the best casting headshot you deserve.

Your Photo Session

The shoot begins with us going over what we want to achieve during your session. We will go through my portfolio and discuss what looks, environments, and lighting you like the best. My style of shooting does not limit you to a “one look fits all” mentality. Everyone is different and the resulting combination of these elements is a major player in your final headshots. We will take periodic breaks to see your photos, giving us the opportunity to make any adjustments on the spot.

My goal is to make you as unaware of my camera as possible. I want our environment to feel as if you are at your friend’s apartment having a good conversation. You want your headshots to convey a laid back and relaxed look. With our casual conversation, you will not even realize the camera is there.

Fast Service

I’ll email a password for contact sheets from your session to you the same day. Your agent will have access so you can select images ready for that casting.

Based in London

London is a fantastic city, with endless possibilities for great location shots. We can work either in my North London studio or out in the city at a location of your choosing.